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Bro you did fantastic on the editing, and it came out dope ! I'd recommend many people who are looking for videographers to book you.


-Anthony Solomon (ALS Design Fashion Designer) 

Every time I had a shoot with my brother Myr it was always great. He has helped me with fitness videos and will be helping me with other videos for business as well. It's really magic how he puts clips together for a finish product. I definitely recommended Jamyr as the person to go to if you need any footage, pictures, video for events, etc. Most certainly looking forward to doing more things with him in the future


-Joshua Davis 

Working with JTG Films was a pleasure. The whole process was very quick, easy, and smooth. He made me feel comfortable talking in front of the camera and always contacted me through the editing process. Would definitely recommend him for any project you have to do. He's capable or working in maybe versatile ways and any environment. Keep up the good work. 


-Jaylen Adams (CEO of Code Blue Wear)


Jamyr Greene is such a wonderful director and photographer. I loved the video and enjoyed working with him very much. He is highly recommended for photoshoots and videos. Book him.

-Normie "$torm"

Jamyr was an absolute pleasure to work with. He created a video that captured the essence of our Caribbean Day. He was also open to modifying any changes I wanted made, and worked very quickly! My organization will definitely be working with him again! 


-Ranelle Tulloch (President of WISO at Rutgers University)  

Jamyr is a great person to work with. He is good at producing, writing, filming and editing. He carries himself and his business professionally. Since I've worked with him he is organized, and gets projects done quick and efficiently. Jamyr does a fantastic job and you see the amount of ambition and effort he puts into his craft!

- Kalimah (Actor)

JTG Is one of the most dopest guys I've ever worked with not only does he work with the latest in camera equipment but he also has great creativity that he uses in order to make music comes to life. What makes the guy different from anybody else is that he ensures that the people he works with are 100% satisfied.

- JayHundredsss (Rapper)

I've worked with other photographers but by far, Jamyr was the most helpful with poses.  His personality allows shoots to be fun and comfortable. He's unique and passionate about his talents which creates a story behind his videos and photos


Working with Jamyr was such a great experience. I have never felt so comfortable in a photoshoot. He is professional, patient and creative. He also has an exceptional way of capturing moments in photos, and great skill in filming and composing stunning videos. I was blown away with the finished product and I can’t wait to work with him again in the future!


-Astrid Lorenzo

I worked with Jamyr on several different videos and he is very professional. He's always on time, he's very efficient, and detail oriented. He is artistic and just fun to be around. I feel very comfortable expressing my artistry and suggestions because he is so open minded. 


-Brandi Pinnix (Dancer) 

Jamyr is perfect ideal photographer to work. He is punctual and professional and you're not waiting forever to get your photography back. When you do get it back it'll leave you at a loss for words for real. He makes shooting comfortable to do and tells you what to do to capture the perfect shot and knows exactly what he's doing. I'd recommend him to everyone. 


-ABlessyn (Sweet 16 client) 

Working with Jamyr was a learning experience I enjoyed. Considering I'm not an actual model I though it would be hard but he made me feel comfortable and at ease when doing close ups. He gave me a good direction on how I should pose and where to look. There's no doubt he's skilled in his work and he's very passionate about what he does.

-Me Saj 

Overall my experience working with you was good. At the shoot it was comfortable and you have a definite artistic eye. You let me put input on what we were doing and you took control equally. It was a great shoot. 


-Rebecca (

Working with Jamyr is great. He brings good energy to the shoot and gives great direction. He knows hat shots he wants and shows up to the shoot with a clear vision and doesn't leave until he get's all the shots. 



Working with Jamyr was a very professional experience. He'svery serious about his craft yet very accommodating to the needs of his clients.


-Cayla (Through the eyes of Cay) 

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