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This series covers the profession, topic or enjoyment of an individuals desires in their personal life.

30sec. Portrait Episode 1: Jon Crawford 


Coming off his first album “Circle of Life” Jon Crawford has gone through man trials and tribulations in his music career. It’s been over a year since his last project. Now the second one is in the making called “For What Its Worth.” Jon is articulative when it comes to sound and lyricism and he’s not rushing to make tracks. The overall outcome is for records and lyricism value.

30sec. Portrait Episode 2: Abdul-Rasheed Ibrahim 


One of my closet friends has a unique trait in his life when it comes to reading books. Abdul has a various selection of books such as Black Intellectualism, Why We Hate, The Purpose of Listening, Body Language and etc. He’s giving an insight on how reading is more powerful than ever in our generation. We can trade knowledge with one another for the better because keeping it in won’t give us advancements for our current and future platforms. 

30sec. Portrait Episode 3: Camerun Hannah


Camerun Hannah who is currently a student at Middlesex County Community College has evolved as an animator. Showing interest in the difference of past and future animation on how it’s developed. We don’t take into count that the movies, tv shows, video games and etc interplay with reality. You can analyze the way things are created in various thoughts. The mix of fiction and non fiction with animation tends to come to life. 

30sec. Portrait Episode 4: Ariane Anicke


Ariane know as (CodeNameAri) loves the creation of her outfits and full desire photos. From being a sports heavy fashion model with such brands as Adidas to even trying and editorial side. Her and her photographer @raffyxaiver both collide to make the most of photos. It’s not just about the location of the photos it’s about you and the given moment. Ariane displays a widespread of new looks, colors and themes to try.

30sec. Portrait Episode 5: Bennie Bates


Pretty Boy of Rap Bennie Bates is on the fine line to success. One of Franklin Townships finest when it comes to creatives. Bennie’s music style and charisma creates his overall look into this game. Dropping huge hits such as “Hands Like” (2015), “So Lit”(2016) and “Top Dog” (2018) Bennie has surpassed one of his career goals. With his first album “Top Dog” doing great numbers the overall response was amazing. From the production of tracks to the out push of everything else like music videos and blogs. Now we are into 2019 Bennie has a new tape called “BEZELS” which will be releasing this Friday June 14th. In dedication to one of his close friends named Dom who unfortunately passed away last month. Bennie is releasing the project for free on SoundCloud as a showing of giving back. Bennie says “I feel like my contribution to him, would be to give this tape to people for free.”

30sec. Portrait Episode 6: David Olaniyi


15 year old David Olaniyi is a rising athlete in his community of Newark, NJ. Coming from EastSide High School he knows he has the odds against him. Being an inner city kid is a great thing for David because it shows an underdog mentality. Basketball is his save haven from the outside world. A sport were he can let all emotions out on the court but also controlling them at the same time. 

30sec. Portrait Episode 7: Lionel M. Macauely


Lionel is a 27 year old actor/spoken word artist. He has been acting for the past 11 years starting from high school. Lionel’s ways of taking on multiple rolls throughout short films, parody’s, monologues and theater has made him a more adventurous actor. From acting in Franklin Township to going across the world to places like Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, Slovenia and many more for his acting skills. You see how one creative skill can take you farther than life. Another talent of Lionel’s is a spoken word which he began in 2015. Creating his own stories to narrate with all different genders, races and ages. Allows him to step into everyone’s shoes. Insight knowledge towards one another for them to understand he can relate to your story as well. Lionel is on the break of something bigger than himself. Acting and spoken word has no limit to his life.

30sec. Portrait Episode 8: Tyler Stokes


Coming from Camden, NJ 23 year old Tyler Stokes is a painter who is beyond her art. Starting back in October of 2018 her passion for painting took a full spin. Bringing this skill back into her life made her who she is today. Tyler uses many different colors and characters to tell stories about situations people wouldn’t imagine. Being a creative in her eyes is to think of the fun beyond what you see on tv. Let your brush be the peace towards the canvas. Not holding back on seeing the different cultures of painting is Tyler’s main emphasis on her career .

30sec. Portrait Episode 9: Dontae Dtox Muse


Dontae Dtox Muse from Elizabeth, NJ is a special and oriented black art entrepreneur who is all about providing to people. Currently, Dontae runs an art gallery in downtown New Brunswick called Above Art Studios. Where many events such as panel discussions, spoken words, painting and etc occur. A couple months ago I got a chance to attend a “Message for Men” event at the studio. One of the things most men have trouble with is opening about their feelings or emotions with one another. Our masculine trait holds that back from us because we tend to be viewed as soft or out of character when speaking about our personal issues. Dontae wants to express that this is needed for all men to keep us sane because we can one day snap. Bundles of emotions cause physical reactions and Dontae is providing a platform for all of us men to be apart of. This Saturday September 7th at Above Art Studios from 5:30pm-8:30pm will be another “Message for Men” event. If you know anyone that has to speak on their own personal wisdom bring them out for a gathering you wouldn’t want to miss.

30sec. Portrait Episode 10: Dox Diggla


Dox Diggla out of East Orange, NJ learns through change within himself and others. Meditation was brought into his life 3 months ago. The process of letting go is a fear throughout all humans and Dox provides an outlook to fix that pain. He did his first meditation class when only one person came. Now he has full houses of people trading vibrations and tones all for a greater result. Dox has dealt with suicide and thankfully has overcome it due to God, his family and meditation. Being at peace with himself is a blessing. Knowing that there’s monsters out there that are scaring people. Dox allows those monsters to be put away by the power of mediation. Make sure you follow Dox and his path of healing others because you never know when you might need that cleansing.

30sec. Portrait Episode 11: Kahrice Harrison


Know as “SoULFULL” Kahrice Harrison has been on the rise for his multi-creative base which is called “HoMEDADE.” This brand is built off music, films and fashion. Kahrice is happy he expand all his talents through one unit because it gives his supporters and people who don’t know of him a chance to see all branches. It wasn’t until after college Kahrice went full blown into his rap career because he was mostly know in school for doing videos. In 2015 he released his first mixtape called “HoMEMADE” which featured tracks like “LOVEhate” ft TyJack. Also adding onto more tapes such as “More Than A Game, Boulevard Blues(W/TyJack), i95&Wifi(W/Karma) 92 Classic, I Appreciate You and his latest two track tape “For You Not Me” which is on all streaming platforms and features a two in one music video. Stay tuned for more of SoULFULL’s newest music and be on the look out for new films and merchandise by HoMEDADE.”

30sec. Portrait Episode 12: Ron Downes Jr.


WheresDiggity ???????… Oh Hey ! Ron Downes Jr. a filmmaker, director, producer, editor and photographer has been expanding his art since a young age but now has evolved into one. Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska then coming to Franklin Town. is a huge culture change that he adapted to and made the most of. Before he started making films like The Unwanted, Lost, Decisions and etc. He made some of the most iconic Jersey Club videos. Such as Team Franklin Get Saucy, DJ Lilman & DJ Big O Jersey Slide and DJ Jayhood Hands On Ya Hips. Ron’s value in Jersey Club has Impacted not only him but the culture itself. Over 1 million views on each of those videos on his Youtube account.  Continuing on with his career he has worked at Hot 97, XXL Magazine, TMZ and other media outlets. After all Ron has evaluated himself to create legacies for others to follow whether they be younger or older than him. Expressing his ideas and scenarios through film only makes Ron a more versatile artist. On March 22nd Ron will be releasing his 6th short film called “Mania” and you don’t wanna miss out.

30sec. Portrait Episode 13: Tiara Howard


Tiara Howard creates fitness in other people’s lives. A certified PT (Personal Trainer) who strives for greatness with her clients. Coming from a track and field her main purpose was to work. Years ago she got real sick and wasn’t able to do her running so that step back took a toll on her. Luckily on her return she got more into strength and conditioning. From then on it’s been an up ride to creating her personal brand which is called “Waste Your Waist.” Selling merchandise while also training her clients at the UFC Gym. With over 50k followers on Instagram her status is only growing to excel within her self and her cliental. If you are looking to get serious about your life in fitness. She’s a great start off to work with !

30secPortrait Episode 14: Tiffany Galicia 

Through her photos and paintings Tiffany showcases her art off emotion. Being in the city there is always something new to create or people to meet. Since being introduced to photography years ago and taking courses at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). She’s created multiple projects that leaves her audience thinking. Showcasing colors, subject matter and feeling is her own aesthetic. Tiffany wants all of her projects to tackle situations she’s either dealt with or see’s others going through. Her latest project dives deep into her and the model’s personal stories when it comes to sexual assault. These topics are hard to get across but she knew how to identity this story correctly. As a female photographer she feels that there should be no difference just because of her gender. Tiffany’s work is what guides and displays the type of person she is today. Continuing on with art Tiffany also runs a magazine issue called “Otto Magazine” which was established in 2019. Since then four issues have dropped with different themes and people. If you ever need a photographer with elite skill and critical thinking for concepts. Tiffany is the one to get it done. 

30secPortrait Episode 15: Lace Straight

Straight Lace a creative born to be outstanding. From starting to learn fashion back in 2015 to now having his own brand. Lace has grown in many ways. When creating you want to be impactful and leave people with questions to ask. From making sneakers to clothing each piece has a significant meaning. One of Lace’s iconic pieces is the Swarovski Nike Air Force One. All of the stones give people a perception of something they’ve never seen. Stay tuned for more of Lace’s creations.Creating shoes for multiple industry artists. Pierre Bourne, Fetty WAP, Gunna and the list goes on. Having a versatility in clothes and shoes is an amazing gift. Stay tuned for more of Lace's creations.

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