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25-year old-art director based out of New Jersey. Specializing in film, photography, design and music. Over the years, I have been shaping my art to be bold and colorful through motion & still pictures. Creating is my escape from life's obstacles. The overall goal is to make people's ideas come alive.

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So Far, So Good is a representation of a moment in time. Appreciating the old and advancing with the new creative abilities I hold. Over the years, I have been able to capture many faces with my camera. Being a storyteller in still photography and motion pictures, creating became an exclusive outlet to express the wide range of ideas I see. This show features 25 Portrait images, a video reel, polaroid collage and  an art crate sculpture


Wanda Williams, George Greene, Tierra Woodson, Jaleel Johnson, Amira Johnson, Aiden Clinton, Peter Clinton, Corin Bell, Corey Bell, Keith Bell, Caleb Bell, William Ivey, Aunt Jen, Uncle Keith, Whitney Greene, Greg Greene, Bill Greene, Diane Greene, Jakeel, Aunt Rita, Brianna Whidbee, Devin Whidbee, Shaniya, Tasha, Tina, Keisha, Shaniya, Monique Chericka Lockhart, Bruno, Ari King, Kendal Fletcher, Jonathan Crawford, Malachi Smythe, Camerun Hannah, Jeremiah Moore, Ki-Jani Jones, Joshua Davis, Daevon Crowder, Davon Johnson, Taema Reid, Alon Height, Abdul Ibrahim,  Josh Dorvil, Eddie Hayes, Marie Savage, Kalimah, MeSaj Closs, Imani West, Taylor Gravesande, Vivian Nwigwe, Isaiah Solomon, Simeon, Ms.Novelette, Bria, Kayla Packwood, Selena Thorne, Tyler Drew, Tyra, Liz, Rachel, Nadia Caylia Wallace, Michelle Macauley, Ariane, Nina, Kärma, Amiya, Courtney Wilson, Jordan Browne, Greg Williams, Kim, Queena, Wesley, Zairy, Steph, Maria, Jocsan, Mimi, Adrian, Stacy, Chris, Franco, Joanna, Demi, Adrianna Lea, Ebonique, Chris P., Zai, Sam, Stevo, Ron Downes Jr, Kahrice Harrison, Lionel M. Macauley, Brandi Pinnix, Brett Pinnix, India Saunders, Dave Falade, Alana Falade, Michael Pinnix, The Melanin Market, GRIT Basketball, Get Money Kicks, Richard Burton, Chels. TV, EastCoastWorld, Threadz Studio, Learon 


2014 - 2016

The journey of being creative started at Franklin High School. In the fall of 2014, I was enrolled in a class called “Aspects Of Video” taught by Michael Pinnix. Going into the class, I had an understanding of video but not the techniques as an artist. The anticipation and joy I got from Aspects made me feel at home. Eager to learn more each time I stepped into room C130. After taking Aspects my junior year, Mr.Pinnix put me into 3 classes for my senior year. W.A.N.T TV, Aspects of Video II and an Independent Study which kept me extremely busy during and after school. High school gave me more experience than my actual college. Pinnix gave his students the freedom to think and touch on topics that most people wouldn’t expect out of high schoolers.

2017 - 2019

As a college student during this time, I witnessed the transition of my independent nature. The opportunity to discover new routes with people and companies. 2017 gave me the slightest insight into knowing what it’s like to chase the “industry” Little did I know what was to come. Shooting multiple videos with hometown artists, models, athletes and business owners. There was never a moment where rest was an option. Working through the obstacles I was faced with, emotions that dawned on me reflected in the art. Learning about yourself takes time and during this stage, I still felt fresh. 2018 made me look in the mirror and question, does the journey become clear? Small steps on the mountain I began to climb. Ron Downes Jr. became a vital person in my creative career who saw potential in me. While working at Hot 97 as a videographer in 2018 & 2019, he brought me along with each year's Summer Jam crew. This one opportunity opened my doors to the music industry. Since that moment I have gone on tour, filmed multiple concerts and interned with XXL. Not only that, I met one of my great friends Jonathan Crawford who became my favorite artist to document. We became a duo of creatives who had bigger dreams than themselves. Eclectic within music & film, allowed us to think and push boundaries. Completing 2019 feeling like you are the height of your career based on social media reception. Life can hit you with a curve and it’s on you to create the new result.   


Originally, my first exhibition was supposed July 2020. A completely different idea but I was slowly preparing myself for this moment. Then, the ceiling hit the fan with the effect of COVID-19. During this stage, creatives had no clue what was next for society. Negativity, fear and confusion are a great way to describe that year. I dealt with loneliness, heartbreak, and death. Throughout all of this, art still became a driving factor in my life. Just like aspects, we always created content centered around the world’s current moment. I began to master photography and entered an unexpected stage of music. Over the years, I have surrounded myself with multiple artists whose talents I am drawn to. My first project was called “STIGMA” which focused on allowing new people to become artists. I had never thought of rapping but truthfully I love the writing process. Being able to connect words and intensify my delivery gave me the confidence to excel. Each month, there was an effect that changed my emotions. September 2020 felt like a crashing point when a dear close friend of mine Lionel M. Macauley passed away. A new timeless photograph I took of Lionel lives with me forever. This was his last photo shoot. Living through his motto “Blessed & Grateful” I know he’d be proud of where I am today.


Still taking photos and making videos. Discovering a new talent leads you to different paths. Some may be light and others can surround you with darkness. Music was such a new outlet for me to be original and it became therapeutic to release my emotions. In February 2021 I released my first project series called “MYRICAL” which displayed the cold and hot viewpoint of my emotions. A specific music taste of mine is “trap soul” I love working with reverb sounds and melodic tones. At this point, I felt my writing became somewhat deeper but very personal. After this project, I geared up working on a 4-pack tape called “A Leo’s Kingdom.” When creating I don’t like to rush the process of art. Your special pieces are produced and displayed to the world at respectable times. Ever since STIGMA I’ve released music on my birthday. July is the month of explosion for me. The summer brings out an enriched amount of creativity only one could imagine.   


Starting the year off strong was my main driving factor. At the end of 2021, one of my best friends Ari King & I had a convo. Both of us being heavy creatives with amazing networks, we decided to create the newest platform to display like-minded people. January 2022 “The Life They Present” was birthed and a once small idea turned into magic. We hit the ground heavy making stories and learning the true definition of documenting someone else. Since then we’ve created 6 episodes that showcase the artist and their purpose. Having an independent nature in your mindset will forever keep you busy. Ever since my first time picking up a camera, I haven’t stopped one bit. The game of basketball returned to my life in a significant fashion. Heavily during this year, I worked with GRIT Basketball as their Media Content Creator. So many days were spent in the gym capturing footage and documenting stories through basketball. Strictly love and devotion to improving my creative analysis would one day lead me to a bigger door. Well, in the fall of 2022, I was offered a job with the NBA as a Digital & Social Content Publisher. Achieving another milestone in my career has given me the confidence to reach for more. 

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